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cash for booksA New Life for your Old Books

Stop for a moment. Think about how manly old books you have scattered around. Your bookshelf is sagging, you trip over book piles when you get up at night, you have lost track of the number of forgotten boxes in your attic. What if all those old books could stop collecting dust or stubbing toes and be put to good use and recycle books?

Cash Clothes is now collecting your old books for recycling! This is a better option than throwing them in the rubbish bin or even giving them over to waste recycling. Cash for Clothes pays you for your old books! We will collect from individuals, companies or business, and public sector organizations. The books you sell to Cash Clothes will be donated to impoverished or third world countries and reused. Most of the people in these countries have little to no access to books or any printed material. Such things are often far too expensive for them.

Recycle books. Think of what your old books did for you. They were windows to other worlds. They were sources of new information, or tools for self improvement. They can be all that and more again when you sell them to Cash Clothes. Their new owners may find them even more valuable than you did.

Donating to Cash Clothes could not be simpler. You don’t even have to leave your house! Simply call Cash Clothes at 01384 232 238, text the word “collection” to 07719 642 599, shoot an email to, or visit their website at and fill out a simple online form. Arrange for a pickup date and time. It can even be same day! Cash Clothes will send a driver to collect the books for you and then payment will be made. We can collect from nearly any location in the West Midlands region.

There is no reason to let your old books collect any more dust. Contact Cash Clothes today and turn your old books into real cash. It couldn’t be any simpler!